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Divorced First Aid

Each and every one of us has experienced a heart-wrenching breakup, divorce or end of relationship. Learn how to overcome the grief of a bre
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I'm amazed by how smooth the pain just faded away and that it was so quick. In the first couple of minutes I started to feel much better
Clare Stone
Morgan Sungreen is a master teacher and one of the great pioneers who is offering new perspectives, skills and tools that will lead us into the depths of authentic loving, and to the true potency and power of relationship.”
Dr. Kent Nielsen
I felt the break through only after a couple of minutes in on the first video! I couldn't have imagined something like this helping me in these times of personal crisis.
Reese Bernstein
I was super sceptical at first. Now I'm a believer! Thank you Morgan ♥️
Sara Lindblom
It was imaginable to think that the pain from divorce would get released so fast and smoothly, making it possible to open my heart again.
Samira Jones
I got my life back, yeeeey!
Reese Maya

Meet Your Coach

The Divorced First Aid program is a system by Morgan Sungreen that conditions you with a series of his signature EFT, NLP and hypnotherapy techniques - leaving you immune to the effects of stress, fear, and anxiety caused by divorce and separation.

By following Morgan’s simple steps, you’ll become far better equipped to deal with any form of stress you encounter. And ultimately enjoy a better quality of life, without compromising on your health or relationships.

This Is Not Just A Course – It's A Revolution of Your Heart

The stress from a divorce can be one of the most overwhelming in the world. There are different aspects that causes the pain and we'll free you from them.

Obliterate Emotional Overwhelm

So many thoughts... Everything is in total chaos... I've lost all control... Don't know what to do... When your mind is racing in panic mode there's nothing else you should do besides getting over the initial stages of overwhelm. It's like your mind and judgment are clouded and you can't see the sky. If this continues there's a major change that you'll make bad decisions cause you're reacting out of stress and panic. And that's a sure path to making it even worse than it is. This session will bring you down to the ground from your emotional tornado. 

Identity Crisis

Who am I without this partner? What will people say? Was this marriage your everything? Do you have a hard time visualizing life without the ex? One of the hardest conflict is the one with yourself. Being attached to a partner in marriage can be such a big part of your identity that you experience a sense of crisis when it's over. Be free from your past YOU and feel free to create the new and improved version of yourself.

Release The Pain From The Breakup

Did you leave the relationship? Or did you get left behind? Was there infidelity involved? Did you fight and hurt each other? It doesn't matter what was said and done, what matters now is that we diffuse the emotional pain that's associated to the harmful memories from the breaking up part. Holding on to resentment towards you ex is like drinking poison and wishing for the other person to die. Never works. If you have kids, this will be a very important issue you MUST resolve! Negative emotions surrounding this event and your ex will impact your kids in a bad way and YOU will be the cause of the harm... IF you don't deal with this area. This is an opportunity to show that you're an example of possibilities by leading the way and showing them how to get out of a bad situation and how to thrive again. When you heal your pain, you heal their pain. 

Get Rid of Financial Stress

Yes there might be ACTUAL financial setbacks, but that IS NOT what is the main problem here. How we RESPOND to the financial situation is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect to focus on. Because it will determine your future. There are billionaires that are stressed about finances and there are homeless people that are not. What's the difference between these two? MINDSET! A stressed person might not see the opportunities that this situation might bring. It's when you calm the nervous system down that your mind can start creating and find the best solutions when it comes to your finances. Wealth is a state of mind and this session will make you unsheakable.

From Fighters To Friends

Resentment is like drinking poison and wishing for your enemy to die. Whatever happened between you two, even if it's hard, you need to forgive and move on - without demanding the other person to express forgiveness or regret. YOU are responsible for your feelings and it's time to let go of the emotions that's in the way of you being able to have a new and transformed relationship as friends if you wish so.

End Your Addicted To Negative Emotions

Any emotion you experience on a regular basis creates bigger and larger and faster neural pathways in your brain. This means that when you feel something often and with high intensity you will much more easily "go there" again and again and again... If you feel happy most of the time you'll notice it gets easier and easier to feel happy. In this session we'll beat the negative patterns, release the old addiction and create new and happier neural pathways. You'll be amazed by the freedom you'll feel after this session.

Dealing With The Unknown

How to you feel safe when there are so many things that are uncertain now? Questions about the future can keep you up all night making you lose sleep. Wether you feel stuck, overwhelmed, terrified or just completely empty you'll find a sense of peace and power within you that you've never felt before. If you believe it or not, it doesn't matter, but I promise you that you will feel a significant change and improvement so you can go forward with confidence. The feelings of certainty will not lie in the ideas of your future but rather in the stillness of your presence. In this session we'll tap into your power so the unknown will be exciting

How To Find (or Create) Yourself Again

The Journey towards getting into your own power is not known. But with clarity, determination and focus you'll feel an amazing force driving you forward.


This super special bonus material changed Morgans life. When he was single looking for the love of his life he stumbled upon a giant of a man ccalled Tony Robbins and immersed himself in his teachings about life and most of all about LOVE. The NUMBER ONE secret to having an extraordinary relationship is NOT WHAT YOU HAVE LED TO BELIEVE! In this bonus video Morgan will reveal his secret to his current relationship ❤️
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